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Collapse On Me Collapse On Me

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Almost a whole freaking Avalanche

The song has potential. Stadium rocker stuff, loving the guitar. Little downy, little stoner rocky, to me at least.

However, it does come across very flat. The guitar and song are just begging for a stronger drum beat, to really bring life to this. Sometime beyond just timekeeping, really pushing and expanding the whole thing.

Another little thing is just to try to nail the vocals. Go a little crazier, some of it is lost. Exxagerate. Pose. Imagine yourself infront of a bikini team cheering your name, whatever really gets it going.
The guitar in a certain sense does suit the vocal tone, but louder, stronger, confident would probably help deepen the song. Especially in the 'and it feeeeeels soooo'. Contrast the wrong and right, or make them the same. Whatever works.

Good work man, I'll try check out anything new you make.

TheDistraction responds:

Wow, thanks for the review, didn't notice someone reviewed this.

How I wish I had a drum set so I could actually put a drum beat to this, but as is, I can't really do anything about :/ I'm saving up for an electric drum set though, so perhaps that'll change sometime soon.

I see what you mean when you say I should go further with the vocals, I might've been holding myself in during recording.

Again, thanks a lot for the review.